Improve your posture, mobility, confidence and help ease your pain.

Identify harmful tension in your body that may be the cause of problems in your life.


The Alexander Technique is known to:
*   Improve posture and spinal alignment
*   Reduce back pain on average by  86%       
       (* source British Medical Journal)
*   Reduce neck pain by at least 31%               
     (*source Annals of Internal Medicine)
*   Is in the NICE guidelines for Parkinson's
*   Increase breathing capacity and energy
*   Improve balance and co-ordination
*   Improves performance and vocal quality
*   Helps to manage stress and anxiety related conditions
*   is recommended by the NHS

Postural patterns are intimately connected to our emotions and mental state;

thinking affects your body and the use of your body affects the state of your mind.

Only by looking at the two systems together can you bring yourself to balance.

The use of light touch and Alexander Technique instructive thinking, will bring awareness to the use of your body and set patterns of moving. It is used by actors, musicians and corporate management to perform efficiently and spontaneously and also in the treatment of chronic illness or conditions due to stress. This is ultimately a system of self analysis which leads to self care in every day functioning.

There are many health benefits to learning the Technique but it can notably help with bringing an overall sense of well-being, reduced pain and stress levels.

Why Alexander Technique works when other therapies fail

The Alexander Technique is a method of teaching people how to use themselves better in all activities. This is shown to reduce back and neck pain, balance problems and is a way of helping you to be more in control of your own body.

Often people seek help to realign their back but immediately return to a poor use of themselves (stressful habits at work, for instance) which result in tense neck and shoulders whereby the pain caused by this harmful tension continues unchecked.

Alexander Technique gives you the tools to identify and change harmful habits of tension within your body enabling you to alleviate the conditions within which your pain or discomfort has developed.

Available for private lessons, corporate or group work in Altrincham, Wilmslow, Manchester and Cheshire.

(home visits available)


About Andrea

I worked as a Production Designer in the television industry for 25 years. Television is fast paced and a thrilling industry full of lively people; an experience I cherish and have learnt much from.

Upon the arrival of my son, however, I began to recognise the need for more balance in my life. I embarked upon a series of Alexander Technique lessons with Peter Bloch having had some experience of the technique as a child flautist. I was instantly hooked and soon signed up to train as a teacher, a 3 year process.

I am enthusiastic about Alexander Technique and the possibility of helping people to become happier, more mobile and experience a reduction in pain.

I belong to the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (STAT).

You can visit me in these clinics, call to arrange

Home Clinic, Altrincham

13 Lyme Grove



WA14 2AD


The Burton Road Clinic

121 Burton Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 1HZ

(Thursday afternoons)

Union Chapel Group Class

Union Chapel, Wellington Road, Fallowfield, M14 6EQ

Tuesday 1030 - 1200 (term times)

Wilmslow Guild Group Class

1 Bourne Stree, Wilmslow, Cheshire Sk9 5HD

Wednesday 1930 - 2130 (term times)

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