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In 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I am very fortunate to have caught it early. This experience has given me some deep insights into the daily mental struggles of chronic disease and physical pain after surgery. The Alexander Technique has been a  tremendous support for me in the most challenging of times. Whilst waiting in hospitals for results that could be devastating, I was able to manage my breathing and release the physical tension that arose from my fearful thinking. Whilst this wouldn’t have changed any outcome, I felt better and I was present  in the moment. My nurse commented that she’d never seen anyone receive a cancer diagnosis as I had and rushed out to look the Alexander Technique up!

When my fearful thinking would take hold of me, I was able to let go of the physical tension that went hand in hand with the thoughts. This brought the thoughts to an end and my feelings of anxiety would leave. This was obviously not a cure for cancer, but it enabled me to be more in control of myself when life was very much out of my control. The ability to breathe calmly and to not tense up was much more comfortable and I was able to keep an open mind and observe things as they are instead of living in despair of what might be. Ultimately I created a safe environment for myself.

Postural patterns are intimately connected to our emotions and mental state. Our thinking affects the body and the way our body feels affects the mind. By enhancing the ability to be aware of our thinking and the subsequent response in our body, we can  look at the two systems together and bring about better balance. When faced with trauma and health anxiety, the AT supported me tremendously and helped me to be kind and understanding to myself throughout the experience. If you’re interested to hear how I can help you  to overcome similar struggles or to work through physiotherapy exercises then call for a chat or look out for my free video series on Facebook. 



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