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I am thrilled to be able to help people enjoy their life again, free of pain and with the ability to calm their minds in the face of extreme pressure...



Having worked as a Production Designer in the television industry for 25 years I am very aware of the impact a high stress job has on the body and on mental health. It was a fabulous job for the most part, full of lively interesting people and tremendous challenges. It was a passion of mine to create a world to fit a script and to collaborate with my wonderful colleagues.

Upon the arrival of my son, however, I began to feel like I was in overload due to the many demands that come from being a mother and a business professional. My lower back ached, I was running on nervous energy and I had a pressure in my head that I’d not felt before. I had no idea that I was holding myself in extreme tension all of the time as I could still present myself as happy and bouncy. I could no longer enjoy the many demands of the job as I had done before.


It was only when I embarked upon a series of Alexander Technique lessons with Peter Bloch that I began to be aware of my body and how my thinking created tension in various places. I hadn’t been aware of this tension before so I couldn’t have located it or known when it occurred, but with Peter’s help I began to identify what I did and when I did it. I learnt how to change my usual response to stress and found a feeling of lightness, confidence and renewed energy. My lower back pain also ceased to bother me as I could now feel when I over tensed this area and could stop doing it.

The more I began to find calm and balance within myself, the more I wanted. I was hooked very quickly and signed up to train as a teacher, a 3 year process.

I am so enthusiastic about the Alexander Technique as learning it has wide ranging benefits. I am thrilled to be able to help people enjoy their life again, free of pain and with the ability to calm their minds in the face of extreme pressure. 

In life, we cannot always change our environment but we can certainly choose how we respond to it. Being comfortable in your body and having a renewed self confidence is possible for everyone. As my students tell me, this is a complete re-set and it helps them to enjoy the week ahead with a fresh perspective.

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Improve your posture, mobility, confidence and help ease your pain.


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